Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Soul[less] Minds...... and YounG FRee.

What's going on everybody! One of my close friends Money and his people have started their own hip-hop blog! I'm working on a few projects, and we decided to hook-up and do a piece together. Now, his blog site won't be launching until, late March, early April, so he and I have been going back and forth, a little bit, and he sent me this piece to post on my site! So.... Once there site is up and running, I'll post their info so ya'll check them out! Ok, so enjoy. It's been hard to do this, but we just said fu*k it, and did it! So.... Enjoy!!!! -FRee

Soul[less]- what's going on in the world of Young Free?

Young Free- I'm keeping head above water, and trying to learn the road home, on this long journey.

SLM- How is our project coming along?

YF- it's great. I've been going back and forth with ideas. It's crazy how a person will evolve. When I first started this process, I wanted to drop a dope record. More of a "gangsta" album. And it's been almost a year and some change since we started working on the project, and everything with it has changed. The beats are different, the concept and outlook are different, hell, the title is different.

SLM- How so?

YF- Well, for one, I really started listening to a lot of different genres during this project. I got introduce to Stevie Wonder, Sly and the Family Stone, and a lot of funk, and soul music. The Beatles, Queen, a lot of classic material. So, I want to incorporate a good heavy, rock sound in to this project, and not be scared to do it! Or be considered "non" hip-hop. So, I went back to the drawing board. The Departed was done (written), and I decided to scratch it. I know my label just loves that! But, you have to follow your heart, and run with what and how you feel. And The Departed was a dark album, filled with the epic falls, and the tragedy's of the streets. And there's nothing wrong with that, but at this point of my life, there is much more to talk about. So much has happen at this point of my life.

SLM- Like what?

YF- Personal things. Like, I lost a lot of friends in the streets. They are all locked up. Close people. And, the only woman I've ever had a very deep intimate love for, we called it quits. So, sometimes that changes your outlook. I wouldn't of been keeping it real with my self if I released it, knowing what I had going on in my life at the time. So, I did a complete 180. You'll be blown away with the first single.

SLM- I remember back in the day, when you we're on the Raleigh Underground scene, you we're a fierce battle mc, do you still battle?

YF- no. Definitely not my lane anymore. I don't see the point. Because, everybody knows somebody who is a great battle rapper. And, then that's all their known for. I don't want to limit my self to just that. It's fun to be a spectator, and to listen, but I don't take part in it. I've just past that point in my career.

SLM- How is your label situation?

YF- Great. I am on Black Sunday Music Group out of North Carolina. And, we have a great roster. Myself (myspace.com/youngfree), Magic, Rip, and Danegurous. Mean Max G, I mean we have a little bit of everything right now. We're going to be releasing so much new material. I only released 5 songs In 2008. Very quiet year. So, I'm gonna pick it up, and run.

SLM- So what do you have coming out in 2009?

YF- I'm. Finishing up " The Best things in Life are... FRee", which was originally supposed to be an EP. But I'm releasing a lot of music on it. So, it will be released in an album like form. More of an mix-tape, but with original material on it. Black Sunday is putting a compilation style project out, called " Fade 2 Black", and I'm really excited about that. I want to work with some different people, and really get a good sound out. And that's definitely the platform to do it on. Danegurous is releasing some new stuff, Magic, Rip, my little brother Spank and I will be doing a project together. And, I'll be releasing " Lost in Translation" in the fall.

SLM- Sounds like a busy year?

YF- And hopefully a very successful year! I thin this the perfect time for an indie act to release music. I mean, you don't have anything to lose!

SLM- So you like being an "indie" act?

YF- I do. I love it. I have the freedom to say and do what I want on a record. "Lost in Translation" couldn't, and wouldn't be released on a Major. They (major labels) would want to make a lot of changes to it. I mean it's a great hip-hop record, but, it's also appealing to a lot of "hipsters". I don't think the people who liked my music a year and a half ago, will like it now. And, I made the decision to do a different kind of music, and you can either grow with me, or go another direction.

SLM- Is this border line "808s and Heartbreak" ? (Rocafella/Def Jam)

YF- Not quite. But kind of. More of an universal sound. Not like world music or anything like that, we just eliminated the boundaries of tradition. I was reading in an issue of Vibe where Kanye West was saying he would rather have 20,000 fans that are his true, hard core fans, than 100,000 fans that fly by. People still yearn great music. And, "808s and Heartbreak" is just that. I mean I'm not singing (well, ok), but I'm pretty much open to just about everything.

SLM- Is that from a "growth perspective" or, setting a "trend" ?

YF- More growth. Because one day, you realize what matters in life. And that day happened to me at 21 years old. Like... I don't care about having the new Jordan's, or being the first person you see in these shoes, or that shoe, because that is the last thing I'm worried about. I don't care who won the game last night, I don't care who got the new Benz, etc. But a year or two ago, I would of. Evolution is great. I just entered adulthood, realizing the music could, and can be something a lot more powerful than I give credit for. So,I am more focused on releasing something great, and less concerned with all of the bullshit going on around me.

SLM- Do you still follow your city's local hip-hop scene?

YF- In a way. I know the people I did shows with. But, outside of that, no. None of these guys are doing anything worth following.

SLM- Damn....

YF- I guess the truth hurts.

SLM- Anything else?

YF- Yeah. Fuck good, Be Great. Prefer Brilliant. YounG ReVolutioN T-shirts. Free Spank, and God Bless.

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