Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Best things in life are... FRee" Post 2

Half way done! True story!!! The intro is done, second song is done, the lead single is done! I been putting in work! I'm aiming for 14-16 tracks, and at this very moment I have 8 tracks that are solids, and have been approved! Next month won't get here fast enough as far as that goes! I'll be back in a few! - YF

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hey this is one of my dear friends, Sun Mu, and he trying to get shit organized, and up and running with this hip-hop shit down here in the Triangle area... and he is on it!!!! SO fuck with his website!!! Tell him YF sent you!!! Im gonna post the link with the others!!! YA DIG!!

"The Best things in Life Are... FRee" Entry 1(Dig THAT!!!)

HEY!!! I Promised Ya'll we would go all the way until my project was released!!!! And I'm a keep that Promise!!!! You see the Pic above me, or right beside me??? Thats me and my Uncle Frank, So shout out To uncle Frank!!! and shout out to my lil sis getting them papers last week!!!!!

I am currently working on "The Best things in Life are...FRee". I have about 8 tracks that are keepers, and I truly hope to increase that number by next week. We haven't even started working on "Paid Programming" yet... but i knew coming in it would be all over the place! A lot of people are submitting for it!, so I hope to be able to go through all of this music in the next week or two, and have a more concrete feeling on that!!!! The Best things... is coming along real smooth, IM hoping to record the first 2 singles this weekend, get em out on-line, and we are in talks to shoot the video in a couple weeks!!!! SO ALL GOOD NEWS!!!!! -FREE

Sunday, June 7, 2009



IF YOU HEARD THAT I WAS NO LONGER WITH BLACK SUNDAY MUSIC GROUP... THE RUMOR IS TRUE. I HAVE DECIDED TO GO FORWARD WITH MY OWN IMPRINT YounG ReVolutioN Inc. I (we) have an amazing team over here,and I look forward to releasing a few different projects this year, and I did not feel like I was in the proper situation to do that being a artist/exec at Black Sunday Music Group to do that. I do wanna wish all of those guys the best... I hope RipStar Ent blows, shout out to RipStar, Jae-Phils, and everybody else. With that said, there are no hard feelings.... it's time for YounG ReVolutioN Inc to make the moves that will put us on the next level. In my exit, I also bought MaGiC CiTy with me from Black Sunday Music, as well Spank, and Chris Mayo. They are all under the YounG ReVolutioN inc umbrella. We are also in talks to merge with another indie label, or possibly a major. So... things are good over here!!!! Now, with that our the way.... I did wanna let everybody know that I did finally complete an interview with MindLess SouLs. A very good piece, and I think you guys will like it! ( So... The "Paid Programming" mix-tape will be here in a few weeks, and will be available on this site. SO... GIVE ME A MINUTE... AND I SHALL DELIVER! TILL THE NEXT TIME... fRee. PS... I WILL BE POSTING THE INTERVIEW WITH MINDLESS SOULS, AND IT WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THEIR SITE AS WELL.