Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mind[less] Souls " I wanna get to know ya"

Funny shit! I did a piece with my bro Money a few weeks back, and they're doing a section with the artists they interview called " I wanna get to know ya". And... It's very candid, funny! So here's.... ME!

Mind[less] - What's your favorite albums? Like, if you had to have 10 albums, and only those 10 for the rest of your life... What would they be?

Young Free - Wow! Let's see. "Blueprint" (Jay-Z; Rocafella), "Sam Cooke's Greatest hits", definitely "2pac' greatest hits", "Stevie Wonder's Greatest hits" "Back to black" (Amy Winehouse; Island Records/ Universal Republic), "Graduation" (KanYe West; Rocafella) "Juice Soundtrack"(Island Def Jam), "College Dropout" (KanYe West; Rocafella), " Ice Cube's Greatest Hits" ( "Check yo shit!) And the album I don't leave home without, it's on my ipod, laptop, and in my cd player in my car.... "808s and Heartbreak"(KanYe West; Rocafella). Amazing album, and probably my favorite of all time!

MS- Favorite movies? Same scenario!

YF- "Friday", "Godfather trilogy", " Fade to Black", "American Gangster" " Goodfellas", "Menace to society". I love sooo many movies, I would hate to even choose!

MS- T.V?

YF- I'm a nerd! History channel, I watch " The office", "Seinfeld "re-runs, same for "King of Queens", "Martin", " The office" (lmfao). I'll say this, I used to a big sports guy, (and I still am to an extent) watching every program sportcenter, (espn), Pardon the Interruption, etc, but I'm a nerd! I watch a small amount of tv.. So, everything I listed is what I watch when I get the chance.

MS- Reader?

YF- Yeah. Magazines. XXL, Blender, Rolling Stone, etc. Music mags

MS- Blogger?

YF - yep., sohh, perez hilton, bossip. Shit is entertaining to losers like myself!

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