Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best Things in life are...... FRee update

What it do???? I wanna get something out the way before I go on with the rest of this post.... I put up some " tit for tat" shit I had with a "nobody" last week, and a few people e-mailed me telling me it was a whole bunch of "non-sense" and I wasted my time with those posts. And, I agree. And, this site is for the HIPSTERS, THE TREND SETTERS, people, who MAKE MOVES. Not nobody's like .... Well the "Nobody" (ha!!!!) Hey.... FRee will Melt the Snow (insider...Kii what up!!!).....

Point of post- So, I've been putting my everything into this "Best Things in Life" project. " Give Me" ( is the first single off of the project. I also posted "Burnin" with Scion (Sci... What up!!!), and that is also going on "The Best Things".... So.... This means that I'll be getting away from "Departed". As bad as I wanted to release it, ans as epic as it might of been, my growth passed that project, and I've decided to move on. So.... "Lost in Translation" will be my day view album. Real instrument heavy, more indie/alternative. We (Black Sunday Music) are aiming for a fall release. So...I'm looking forward to working on this! First album! I'm really excited to go in the studio and make the best record that I am capable of. So.... We got "Best Things in Life are...FRee" coming, and we also got a compilation style project titled " Black Sunday Music Presents.... FADE 2 Black". So.... We're gonna release some good.... Fuck that GREAT music for you to enjoy! - YounG FRee(

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