Monday, January 12, 2009

YounG ReVolutioN Presents: The BEST things in LIFE are FRee......The Web Show!

Hey!!!!!!! What it do!!! So.... TWO-Thousand and O-Mine is here! And.... The creative bug is getting @ me! I'm working on sooo much NEW material right now, and, I'm gonna do my own "web" show! On this very site! It will be titled " The BEST things in LIFE are...FRee! So come check it out. I'll be posting something in the next few weeks. We're gonna have a lot of fun doing this! Also, we (YounG ReVolutioN, via Black Sunday Music) will be releasing some new music really soon! I got "Give Me" on right now!
Hey, til' the next time, be safe. Hey.... "YounG & FRee"- Fuck Good. Be Great. Prefer Brilliant.-FRee

P.S. Go see "Notorious" on Friday nite! B.I.G. Forever!

P.S.S. - shout out to Dangerous, the newest member of The Black Sunday Music Family. Definitely a great move for the team. And, I know your gonna love this guy!

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