Sunday, December 28, 2008

25 favorite songs of ALL TIME

I always watch these Top 25 favorite's on BET, and I read them in magazines, and I decided to do one. Idk. I love music, and decided to share my favorite's!

25."Suicidal Thoughts" -Notorious B.I.G. - Big killed this. Like, he really kills this shit. Puff on the ad-libs trying to tell Biggie to chill. Classic song. He tells you all the reasons why he shouldn't be alive. And then you hear the gun shot. Crazy.
24. "Little Red Corvette" - Prince. - favorite strip club song. And Prince is amazing! Real simple.
23. "Through the wire" - KanYe West - this dude won everybody over. One of the realest songs I've heard. I was in high school, I think my junior year, and when I heard this, I had to play it like 25 times to really understand that the nigga jaw was still wired shut! Amazing!
22. " Me, Myself, and I" -De La Soul - this song was crazy. My moms used to bump this, and I just love De La Soul.
21. "Don't you remember" - Luther Vandross - the intro tells it all. Amazing, amazing song
20. " All that I got is you" -Ghostface Killa ft Mary J Blige -this is the song about the everyday struggles that I encountered as a youth. Real song. And Mary J kills the hook$
19. "My Block" - Scarface- another real track.
18- " Change gon come" - Sam Cooke. Malcolm X, Denzel walking to his own death. Real, real, epic song about the struggles of the civil rights era. Sam Cooke's voice was one of a kind.
17. "Charlene" - Anthony Hamilton- man, this song hit's home to any artist with a love interest, and you wanna make move's but you have to sacrifice everything to do so. And he kills the track
16. "5 steps" - Dru Hill- well, you know
15. " First of the month" - Bone Thugs N Harmony- classic shit
14 " Ether" - Nas - this is the greatest diss record ever. I tell people Jay won in the long run, I mean if your looking at the career's of both artist. But, this song was to ill. This nigga bodied J.
13. "Rock with you" - Mike Jackson- that vintage shit. "Off the Wall". Mike was still black. Good shit.
12. "Fugee-la-la" -The Fugees.- I love this song. Lauryn Hill murdered this shit too.
11. " Never Change" - Jay-Z. KanYe produced this. All 3 of Jay's verses are classic.
10."Spottiedopaliscious" - OutKast.- this shit go so HARD. And they talking on the shit. Wtf? I mean, the horns, the drums, this shit is dope.
9."Can't Wait"- Sleepy Brown ft. OutKast - I think this was on the barbershop soundtrack. I love this shit. 3 stacks verse was crazy.
8. "Full of Smoke" - Christion - these dudes used to be with Roc-A-Fella. This song came out when I was like 10. I loved this shit.
7. "Ignorant Shit" - Jay-Z. - the original one, with the Beyonce shout. good shit.
6. "Angel" - Pharell- I discovered this track by accident. My shit tho'. Pharell killed it. And it's a track every dude can relate to.
5."Hustler Music" - LIL WaYne - I wasn't fucking with Wayne...until I heard this for the first time in late 2005. He won me over.
4. "Luchini" - Camp Lo- CLASSIC. I mean this nigga's killed this shit. I was young when this dropped, and I still love it!
3."Street Lights" - KanYe West- 808s and Heartbreak is my favorite album right now. And I love this song. Because I'm at the same point in my life. "I know my destination...I'm just not there".
2. Where I wanna be" - Donnell Jones- that relationship song. You love someone, and you don't wanna hurt them, but you wanna make sure the feelings are right. I love this song.
1. "What more Can I say" - Jay-Z
If Jay didn't prove he was the greatest of ALL TIME with one, than your just stupid. This song never gets old to me, and I love him justifying his place, then saying fuck it @ the end. Classic!

Well, that's it. Let me know what you think. -Free....

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