Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Day 2009

So today, we celebrate the memory of the KING, Martin Luther King Jr. Every year the federal government takes the day off, schools are off, and a lot of other institutes also take the day to commemorate the distinguished life, of MLK. On April 4th 1968, Dr. King was shot and killed in Memphis, TN. But his memory has been instilled in not only "Black America" or in "African Americans" but in America in general. 40-50 years ago, blacks we're not allowed to eat where we are allowed to eat now. Blacks couldn't ride the buses we can ride now, and Blacks couldn't live in the neighborhoods we live in now. So take a moment today, and honor the KING. Take a moment and realize he, like Jesus, lost his life, so we could live ours the way we are suppose to. With freedom, and choice, and prosperity. Though American History will be made tomorrow, with the inauguration of the first african-american President in United States History, remember, without the efforts of Dr. King, there wouldn't be an Obama.

-God Bless. All hail to the King.

Elijah "YounG FRee" Branch

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