Monday, July 13, 2009

"What's on your Ipod" part deux!!!!

Hey... Gotta keep in touch with the ish I'm rocking... And here are the songs that I'm rocking to prepare for "The Best things in life are... FRee"! Enjoy!

25."Chasing Pavements" Adele (when I first heard this song... I was amazed, and I am still amazed! Her vocals are out of this world... I got her "Hometown Glory EP", but I haven't had the chance to listen to it, but this song gives me butterflies)
24."Unbreakable" Alicia Keys (from the Mtv Unplugged show)
23."Tears dry on their own" Amy Winehouse - I am a huge Amy Winehouse fan! I love her voice, and Mark Ronson's production is incredible!
22."Violet Hill" Coldplay - the first couple seconds, and the drum rift are in a league of their own! Wtf!
21."Faithful" Common ft. Bilal, and John Legend. First and foremost, Kanye kills the sample, and the subject matter brings this record home. My favorite Common record. From my one of my favorite Common album's, "Be".
20. "Warwick ave" Duffy. Another amazing voice, and what she's singing about is crazy... The U.K. Has all of the soul singers now! Duffy, Adele, Amy, Estelle... Wtf!
19."Everybody" Fansworth Bentley, ft Kanye West, and Andre 3000. That "GOOD" Music!
18."History" Jay-Z - please be on BP3... I heard this election night, after Barack Obama brought it home! This is my motivation record... Jay is on point with this one!
17."Daughters" John Mayer. The evolution of a woman... I dig it.
16."Love Lockdown" KanYe West. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm still on 808s and Heartbreaks!
15."50 ways to make a record" Kid Cudi. I like Kid Cudi. Real different, and doesn't mind to be. I loved "day n nite", but going on Paul Simon's "50 ways to make love" is crazy!
14. "Pussy, Money, Weed" LiL Wayne. My favorite Weezy Baby track to date. This is the song for the wifers! (143 baby)
13. "Me and my drink" LiL Wayne. For all the lean heads out there. Shawty Red on the track!
12. "Growing Pains" Ludacris. What? Man.. I fucks with Luda to the max. I don't buy every album, but I am a fan. True story. He's top 10, and he gets no credit! Most consistent southern artist ever? I think so!
11."Brooklyn Girls" Charles Hamilton - ever had one... My man's put it down on this one. First time I heard it, I had to run it back a couple times! Good shit!
10."November 18th" Drake- this is when I realized he was for real....
9."Best I ever had" - Drake, and this is when I became a legitimate fan
8."Till the end of time" - Justin Timberlake. Fyi, my Ex turned me on to this when his last album dropped in 06'. He does no justice on this, I think this is JT's best track. Ever.
7. " I wonder" Kanye West. I love this song! I saw him perform this one too! He kills it!
6. "Sunshine" Lupe Fiasco - (insider) you remember having "relationship" songs, the "defining" couple song... Well here was mines.. And I still love this song!
5. "Valerie" Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse. This is straight out of 1964... Amy Winehouse's voice is one of kind... And Mark Ronson know's how to bring it out...
4." All I do" Stevie Wonder.... Thank you Mom, my mom's favorite Stevie track, and now my favorite Stevie track. My God. That's my description... All I do is think about you... ;-)
3."Artist integrity" Wale - this is off of Wale's "Mixtape about nothing". He talks about fame, the game, and change. This is one of my favorites right now. On constant repeat. "Never will I ever utter never to myself"!
2. Street Lights" Kanye West -"I'm just not there... Life's just not fair" the idea of evolving... Love it.
1. "Nike Boots" Wale. My dude makes sense of it all, for himself, his city, everything. Definitely a great song...

Well, that's it! That's what ya bumping! What are you bumping in your ipod? Leave a comment, and give me some insight! Till the next time... Free

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