Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Come f*ck with ya boy too!!!!!

Hey! You can follow me on so many different sites!!!! It's crazy!!!

1. Twitter.com/youngrevolution
2. Myspace.com/youngfree

I'll be posting my first few pieces on mindless soul's blog site in the next few days. I got 3 different entries. One is about my take on the "Greatest" rappers of all time. (Interesting by the way) I also finished the piece with the homie MoneY. So... They'll be posting that as well. I also updated the site! I hope you guys like that. New colors, and my blog list to the left. Shout out to "October's very own" Drake, and all of them. I also wanna shout out Mindless Soul, all the artist affiliated with YounG ReVolutioN inc, and all the people supporting the movement. It is deeply appreciated. Hey, till the next time... Stay up! -YF

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